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LDAP Plugin - Emby Server - Emby Community Mar 08, 2018 Kong with LDAP auth · Issue #1821 · Kong/kong · GitHub I even tried using the advanced ldap plugin with bind_dn user which has access to search AD. for attribute i tried, cn, samaccountname. Ldapsearch works fine for. ldapsearch -x -h server:3268 -b "DC=X,DC=Y,DC=Z,DC=com" -D 'user to bind with ldap' -W 'samaccountname=userid' Thanks for your help. LDAP Plugin - Plugins - openmediavault Feb 07, 2014

How the LDAP Plugin Works. The LDAP plugin provides pGina services using an LDAP server as the primary data source. It provides support for SSL encryption and failover to one or more alternate servers. Authentication. In the authentication stages, this plugin maps the user name to a LDAP Distinguished Name (DN) and attempts to bind to the LDAP

The LDAP server must be configured to communicate with a SASL server. A SASL client library must be is available on systems where the client-side authentication_ldap_sasl_client plugin is used. Currently, the only supported library is the Cyrus SASL library.

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Eclipse LDAP Browser and Editor download | Download Eclipse LDAP Browser and Editor for free. An Eclipse plugin for browsing and editing LDAP directories. Includes: tree-based DIT-browser, entry editor, spreadsheet-like search result editor, schema browser, LDIF support and a rich LDIF editor.