California Resident Pleads Guilty to Laundering Millions

Bitcoin and Money Laundering | #LIVE AMA with Simon Dixon Jul 15, 2020 Bitcoin Money Laundering: How to Stay Safe in CryptoLand Mar 23, 2019

Jul 19, 2019

Bitcoin News Vitalii Antonenko Charged for Crypto Crimes in the Big Apple. A man in New York City has been charged with laundering money through bitcoin. 28-year-old Vitalii Antonenko was arrested

Dec 19, 2017

Money laundering fears for virtual currency Bitcoin - BBC Dec 19, 2017 Bitcoin Deemed ‘Money’ Under D.C. Financial Services Law (2) The ruling will likely have minimal impact on how Bitcoin is treated by the market, but establishes parameters on how the District of Columbia regulates cryptocurrency in money transmission. It also brings the D.C. rule in line with how federal and state authorities treat Bitcoin for the purposes of anti-money laundering purposes.