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Jun 22, 2020 · Now, you need to sign in to the Google Account for which you purchased storage. Step #3. Next, you should see your account in the left-hand box. Step #4. Next up, click the Cancel plan. Make sure to review changes to storage that will take place after the termination of the plan and then click Cancel plan. That’s all there is to it! Tap Cancel subscription. Select a reason why you’re canceling and tap Continue. Tap Cancel subscription or Cancel trial. You’ll receive an email to your Google account to confirm your cancellation, and your account will downgrade to Dropbox Basic (free) at the end of your billing cycle. How to remove an account in Edge In Edge, I have an old Office 365 account that is no longer valid (account from my old school, but I'm no longer there). Usually when I type "" to log into my current accounts, that old one is listed. Oct 30, 2019 · 1. Open the Google Play Store. 2. Tap ☰ 3. Tap Account. 4. Tap Subscriptions. 5. Tap Manage next to the service you want to cancel. 6. Tap Cancel Subscription. 7. Tap Cancel Subscription to confirm. On your Mac or PC, go to and log into your account, then follow these steps. 1. Click the three bars at top-left to open a menu, then click "Settings." If you signed up through the Google Play Store: On an Android device. Launch the Google Play Store app. Ensure you are logged into the Google Play account you used to sign up for your iHeartRadio subscription. Tap Menu and select Account. Next, tap Subscriptions and select iHeartRadio. Tap Cancel. On a desktop / laptop computer

How do I close my PayPal account?

Click Delete my domain to delete your organization’s Google Account. Delete your organization’s Google Account. If G Suite is your only subscription, follow the instructions in Cancel your G Suite subscription above to automatically delete your organization’s Google account. If you have multiple subscriptions, follow the steps below to

Jul 16, 2020 · Cancel a Google Cloud account. If you signed up for Google Cloud using your Google user account, then your Google Cloud account is the same as your Google user account. In this case, cancelling a Google Cloud account affects all data associated with that Google account and any services you use with that account, such as Gmail, Google Play, or