Updating packages in Ubuntu is quite a simple task that can be done with just two mouse clicks, or by typing two commands if you are updating via terminal. There are two major ways that you can go about completing this task. You can update your packages via command line, or if you like to perform tasks using GUI, you can update your packages graphically using Package Updater.

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How to Update Ubuntu [Terminal & GUI Methods] It's FOSS Aug 04, 2019 What does "sudo apt-get update" do? - Ask Ubuntu sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ensuring that apt-get knows to install the most recent version of the package. Another useful source for information is the help.ubuntu.com site. For example, if you searched that site for apt-get you would find AptGet/Howto as one of the results. How Do I Update Ubuntu Linux Software Using Command Line Apr 28, 2020